Kansas Laws

Kansas Statutes Browsable and searchable archive of 2009 Kansas Statutes Annotated (K.S.A.) Chapter 8: Automobiles And Other Vehicles Article 11: Abandoned And Disabled Motor Vehicles Statutes: 8-1101: Abandoning and leaving on highways; definitions. 8-1102: Motor vehicle abandoned on public highway or property open to use by public; public agency may impound; disposition; motor vehicle abandoned on private property; criminal trespass; impounding and disposition of vehicle; notice; recovery from impoundment, requirements. 8-1103: Towed motor vehicles, lien thereon; procedure; personal property; providing notice of fee; city ordinance or county resolution. 8-1104: Sale of vehicles and personal property; verification; notice. 8-1105: Sale, public auction. 8-1106: 8-1107: Notices, publications and affidavit filed with clerk of the county. 8-1108: Stopping of storage fees; when.

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